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Intro to Weekly Newspaper Ad Sales

The Intro to Weekly Newspaper Ad Sales Program introduces the newcomer to the industry and provides the extensive training he or she will need to become a top sales representative. 

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The training program will also serve as an excellent refresher course for the experienced newspaper sales representative. The curriculum is constantly being upgraded to ensure students receive leading edge information.

The on-line training program is designed to allow the student to progress at his or her own pace.

Students can work their way through each module at a pace with which they are comfortable. This allows students to complete this training as their own personal and professional schedules permit.

Challenging on-line exams allow students to gauge their knowledge of the material in each module.

The expert team of curriculum developers have helped thousands of students prepare for their careers as newspaper advertising sales representatives.

Purchase now and begin your training for a rewarding career as a newspapers advertising sales representative.

Intro to Weekly Newspaper Ad Sales
$219.00 USD

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